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As part of the conscientious collective, you can help support us in our commitment to promote and preserve fiber arts.  Deeply imbedded into humankind's history is a rich culture of textiles, textile art, and the natural fibers which are their foundational backbone.

This is an exciting time for Mother Earth as society's awareness regarding the consequences of over industrialization are uncovered.  No longer are manufacturing models based solely on productivity and profit tolerated.  New, kinder more accountable practices in industry are demanded where the end doesn't justify the means.

Our Plan Nationally

    •    Seminars on fiber processing, preparation and dyeing, including history of the fiber arts and uses of fiber.
    •    On-site events for small groups to experience a working fiber farm and fiber art studio.
    •    Educational programming that incorporates basic education topics (science, math, history) while learning a fiber craft.
    •    Programming and presentations on the proper care and upkeep of sheep, goats, and other fiber producing animals. Presentations in this area foster compassion and responsibility for fiber producing animals through intervention, education and outreach.
    •    Scholarship programs for low-income adults and youth to learn all aspects of the fiber arts. Microenterprise opportunities.  




Future plans:

Peru - Peruvian trip to Southern Peru to learn the traditions surrounding the Vicuña's.  Information sharing and exploration of exchange opportunities where Peruvian fiber/textile artists can come to the US.

Argentina - Argentina is home to the rare Guanacos.  RFAPS will be going to Argentina and staying with the native population in an effort to learn the rich history surrounding the Guanacos and their contribution to the Argentinian culture. 

Falkland Islands - The Falkland islands have a 150 year history of raising sheep in exceptionally difficult conditions.  Learning how the inhabitants grow some of the finest wool in the region can help micro-cultures produce a more valuable product. Exchange opportunities for Falklands shepherds will also be explored.


If you'd be interested in hosting someone from one of the countries listed, please contact us.